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Cheap LED bulbs!

As a company SERA has spent a lot of time looking at the components that go into LED bulbs and fittings, and there are huge variations in quality. In order to understand this without getting into to much technical detail, I’ll try to explain really simply why cheap LED bulbs are probably not the way […]

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Gallery Rouge installs LED with SERA

The choice and type of light bulbs to be installed may not be high on the priority list when creating a retail space, but achieving the correct lighting will impact an area as much as the interior design. The cost of switching on the lights is a significant cost for any retail business. Gallery Rouge […]

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Converting to LED will save money

You can save a vast amount of money on your lighting running costs by converting to LED.  Whether it’s your home, office, factory or shop, it is well worth considering. A home or shop with 10 x 50w GU10′s used 6 hours a day at an average UK domestic electricity rate* has a running cost of […]

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Energy Efficient lighting!

Traditional incandescent lighting is being phased out of the UK at an fairly fast rate.  You can no longer buy 150W/100W bulbs (unless they are ‘Rough Service’), with Opal and Pearl bulbs now also nearly non-existent. So what do you do?  For years you have been able to purchase ‘Energy Efficient’ lightbulbs, which are really […]

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