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Should Your Hotel Upgrade to LED?

Should Your Hotel Upgrade To LED? Since their energy draining counterparts have been made obsolete, LED lighting has been growing at a speedy rate. Of course we’re biased about switching to LED, but there are some very key reasons as to why upgrading to LED is a great investment for your hotel…   Save Money […]

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Is A 36w LED Panel Bright Enough?

Is a 36w LED Panel Bright Enough? We regularly get queries from customers looking for 40w or 50w panels, however when we suggest a 36w panel, the response is often that they don’t think it would be bright enough, which is certainly not the case. To demonstrate this, we’ve taken a photo of a typical […]

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Switching to LEDs – True or False!

Switching to LEDs – True or False! LEDs – True or False?  We get it, you hear more and more about LED lighting but you’re not sure whether switching will be a hassle, what the costs of switching will be, and wonder whether you’ll even notice the difference?  With so much talk about LED lighting, it’s […]

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Unique ideas for using LEDs in your home

Unique ideas for using LEDs in your home There are so many ways you can use LED lighting in your rooms – whether it be in your home or in a commercial setting – to increase the size of space, the way a room feels and to add interest. Here are some of our top […]

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How Many LED Panels Do I Need?

How Many LED Panels do I need? We regularly get asked “how many LED Panels do I need to light a room xxxx big?” The answer depends on the function of the room and the level of lighting you need. For example, a good office lighting level is around 400-450 lux, but for workshops you should […]

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