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Cityscape Digital LED Linear Case Study

When the team at Cityscape Digital decided to refurbish their Shoreditch offices they booked to have the work done over an extended Christmas holiday period. Unfortunately, they experienced a number of problems with their suppliers and Damian Fennell, Cityscape’s Creative Director, had to take over both the design and the project management. As part of […]

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Yes, our LED G4 is really dimmable….

One of the most popular questions we get at the minute is “Are your LED G4 lamps really dimmable?”  So to help everyone we have made a small video to demonstrate the LED G4 going through its complete dimming range. Buy our dimmable LED G4 today  

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Ready for Some Lighting Pinspiration?

Ready for Some Lighting Pinspiration? Ourselves, as well as many of our friends in the interior design world, are obsessed with Pinterest. Aside from the cute pet photos and complex recipes you’ll struggle to recreate in your own kitchen, it’s also packed to the brim full of beautiful photos of interiors and homes. If you’re […]

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Whitehouse Interiors

This week we’re very pleased to introduce interior designer Sarah Myall, from Whitehouse Interiors.   Ok, so spring is officially here and we break out the DIY and home improvements in gusto!!! However we are all guilty of rushing off to the nearest showroom when it comes to planning big works like kitchens and bathrooms […]

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How Can I Use LED Lighting In Kitchens?

How Can I Use LED Lighting In Kitchens? There are a number of unique lighting ideas that you can use in your home and designing a new kitchen can be an expensive and time-consuming job, and with so many elements to think about and get right, it’s easy to overlook things. Lighting often gets forgotten […]

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Should Your Hotel Upgrade to LED?

Should Your Hotel Upgrade To LED? Since their energy draining counterparts have been made obsolete, LED lighting has been growing at a speedy rate. Of course we’re biased about switching to LED, but there are some very key reasons as to why upgrading to LED is a great investment for your hotel…   Save Money […]

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Is A 36w LED Panel Bright Enough?

Is a 36w LED Panel Bright Enough? We regularly get queries from customers looking for 40w or 50w panels, however when we suggest a 36w panel, the response is often that they don’t think it would be bright enough, which is certainly not the case. To demonstrate this, we’ve taken a photo of a typical […]

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Switching to LEDs – True or False!

Switching to LEDs – True or False! LEDs – True or False?  We get it, you hear more and more about LED lighting but you’re not sure whether switching will be a hassle, what the costs of switching will be, and wonder whether you’ll even notice the difference?  With so much talk about LED lighting, it’s […]

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Unique ideas for using LEDs in your home

Unique ideas for using LEDs in your home There are so many ways you can use LED lighting in your rooms – whether it be in your home or in a commercial setting – to increase the size of space, the way a room feels and to add interest. Here are some of our top […]

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How Many LED Panels Do I Need?

How Many LED Panels do I need? We regularly get asked “how many LED Panels do I need to light a room xxxx big?” The answer depends on the function of the room and the level of lighting you need. For example, a good office lighting level is around 400-450 lux, but for workshops you should […]

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