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The Lifespan Of LED Lights

LED light bulbs brag top spot when ranking modern lighting methods. Compared to traditional lighting and conventional light bulbs, LEDs boast an estimated energy efficiency of between 80 and 90%. Alongside this esteemed energy efficiency, LED lights are widely acclaimed for their enhanced durability and cost effective performance, making them, by far, the smartest lighting […]

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Jargon Busting – What Do LED’s Mean?

The lighting industry is littered with technical terminology. Illuminate your options with our A to Z explanation of some everyday industry expressions.   Accent lighting is directional lighting, employed to emphasise a particular object or to draw attention to a display. Ambient lighting is the general lighting in any given area. While it excludes task […]

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Aircraft Hangar Lighting

An aircraft hangar provides a substantial space in which to perform aircraft maintenance. Operating at all hours and whatever the weather, these large, specialised spaces require effective, large-scale lighting solutions. Few lighting projects will require more careful consideration than aircraft hangar installations. From the buildings’ unique properties to functional dictates, hangar lighting must offer effective […]

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Cityscape Digital LED Linear Case Study

When the team at Cityscape Digital decided to refurbish their Shoreditch offices they booked to have the work done over an extended Christmas holiday period. Unfortunately, they experienced a number of problems with their suppliers and Damian Fennell, Cityscape’s Creative Director, had to take over both the design and the project management. As part of […]

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Yes, our LED G4 is really dimmable….

One of the most popular questions we get at the minute is “Are your LED G4 lamps really dimmable?”  So to help everyone we have made a small video to demonstrate the LED G4 going through its complete dimming range. Buy our dimmable LED G4 today  

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LED Facade Lighting

LED as architectural lighting As architectural lighting is increasing in popularity, LED facade lighting is fast becoming the must-have technology to illuminate the exterior and draw attention to buildings. The main advantages of installing LED facade lighting are: Eco-friendly and economical. LED lights use less energy than their fluorescent, incandescent and halogen counterparts. Therefore, they […]

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Ready for Some Lighting Pinspiration?

Ready for Some Lighting Pinspiration? Ourselves, as well as many of our friends in the interior design world, are obsessed with Pinterest. Aside from the cute pet photos and complex recipes you’ll struggle to recreate in your own kitchen, it’s also packed to the brim full of beautiful photos of interiors and homes. If you’re […]

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Whitehouse Interiors

This week we’re very pleased to introduce interior designer Sarah Myall, from Whitehouse Interiors.   Ok, so spring is officially here and we break out the DIY and home improvements in gusto!!! However we are all guilty of rushing off to the nearest showroom when it comes to planning big works like kitchens and bathrooms […]

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How Can I Use LED Lighting In Kitchens?

How Can I Use LED Lighting In Kitchens? There are a number of unique lighting ideas that you can use in your home and designing a new kitchen can be an expensive and time-consuming job, and with so many elements to think about and get right, it’s easy to overlook things. Lighting often gets forgotten […]

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