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Light and in particular, exposure to daylight, plays an important role in our wellbeing. Daylight influences the body’s natural biorhythms and affects our moods. Inadequate lighting, therefore, will have a negative personal impact.

In an office environment, lacklustre lighting will undoubtedly affect your staff, possibly resulting in poor performance. In most office spaces, available daylight is insufficient. As such, artificial light is also needed to create the correct lighting levels, required for a healthy workplace.

Our LED applications offer an ideal lighting solution for a range of office spaces. We combine stylish and dynamic lighting designs with cost effective applications to keep your staff members in comfort and promote improved performance. Let us throw some light on the subject and help you to create a contemporary and comfortable office space.

From reception to the meeting room, it’s important to create the right ambience for your office space. A welcoming environment is essential. However, a dynamic lighting design will also complement your corporate personality and showcase your particular style. From quirky to cool, colourful accents can stimulate or soothe the senses to enhance customer expectations.

Areas, such as corridors, are often the least occupied spaces in an office. However, ensure you exploit these areas with a dynamic lighting design that displays artwork or corporate information. You can boost your brand while customers and clients circulate your office space. In addition, avoid wasting energy on these less frequented spaces by installing applications that incorporate intelligent solutions. Dimmable lighting can save energy costs, while still creating the ideal atmosphere and ensuring walkways are well-lit whenever they’re used.

A key feature of a contemporary office is an informal space for staff. Seating areas with comfortable furnishings and soft lighting will give staff a relaxing space in which to rejuvenate or chat informally with colleagues. LED lighting provides an anti-glare solution, allowing staff to soothe their eyes. Accent lighting can be used to create pools of light over lounge areas, creating an inviting atmosphere and enhancing office life.

Make the most of your meeting room with lighting that adapts to your agenda. Whether inspiring creativity or enhancing concentration, lighting can affect the way your staff and clients feel. Flexible lighting solutions will allow you to create the right environment for a range of meetings. LED lights can be used to energise or soften the room’s atmosphere, helping to set the tone for that day’s session.

Many contemporary office spaces are open plan and health and safety regulations will dictate a set level of lighting. However, uniformly lighting an open plan office will not create a comfortable and contemporary working space. Combine functional lighting with effective accents to create an inspiring space. In addition, localised lighting will allow staff to personalise their working environment and tailor their level of lighting to suit the task.

From a refurbishment to an initial installation, SERA Technologies can help you to create a contemporary office space. We offer a wide range of commercial lighting applications to complement your corporate image. Contact us today to discuss your LED lighting requirements.


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