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As is so often the case, the simplest measures can be the most effective. The cost of leaving office equipment like computers and photocopiers powered on or in standby mode when not in use can add up to a significant amount over the course of year. Make it company policy to power off all lights and electrical equipment at the end of the working day. Nominating one or more energy efficiency representatives, depending on the size of your business, to ensure that this happens is a great idea too. They may even come up with some additional cost-saving measures you hadn’t spotted.


Whether you use traditional lighting, fluorescent tubes or even low-energy CFL bulbs, you can reduce your energy costs by switching to LED. LED is the most energy efficient form of lighting you can choose, and the cost of installation is lower than ever, which means that your investment will quickly pay off. Many people are under the misconception that LEDs are only suitable for certain indoor applications, such as kitchen down lighting, but this really isn’t the case. Take for example your outdoor security lighting, a typical halogen version of which would consume a mighty 500W. You can replace these with LED floodlights which use a fraction of the energy. Just 30W will provide better light and throw than its halogen counterpart. If it’s indoor lighting you’re interested in, we have converted many a commercial space, from offices to restaurants, factories to art galleries and there is a solution for every sort of business, small, medium or large. You can find out more about the part that lighting can play in energy efficiency for business with our LED lighting FAQs.


Even if you have low-cost lighting, you still don’t want to use it unnecessarily. You might consider fitting motion sensors in areas that are not in permanent use such as toilets, storerooms and stairwells so the lights are only activated when someone enters the area. Timers and thermostats can help you save on heating costs too. And of course insulation is an important factor in keeping energy costs down – even the most basic draught-proofing around doors and windows can make a difference to your energy bills.

With continuous research and development results being announced across the globe, we keep our eye on emerging technologies like Graphene LEDs which we hope will also create opportunities for energy efficiency. Reducing your energy costs is good for your business and good for the environment. These simple steps can be implemented in almost any environment with very little outlay or disruption, so are well worth considering for your business premises.


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