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We regularly get queries from customers looking for 40w or 50w panels. However, when we suggest a 36w panel, the response is often that they don’t think it would be bright enough, which is certainly not the case.

To demonstrate this, we’ve taken a photo of a typical corridor that these types of panel lights are regularly used in. The closest end of the corridor has a traditional 4 x T8 fluorescent 600×600 recessed panel, running at 72w. As you can see from the photo, it’s emitting light but it’s certainly not what you would call bright. At the furthest end of the corridor, we have used our 36W LED panel, which is undoubtedly much brighter and is easily lighting up the surrounding area.

The ceiling height is 3m, and at a work plane height of 0.75m the old light fitting measured 350 Lux and the new 36w LED Panel 600 Lux

So, how many LED panels do you need? A good quality LED bulb or fitting should easily produce enough light. Not only has using a 36w LED panel saved this customer a whopping 50%, but it’s also brighter too!


As with all LED Lighting, it should not just be about wattage.  Many newer LED fittings use a lot less power than the older style fittings, yet produce the same amount of Lumens (light output). Our new 26W LED Panel produces the same lumens as the older 36W Panel, so I would choose the 26W panel and get greater savings.


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