LED Exterior Lighting Solutions

Why Should You Choose LED Exterior Lighting?

Well-chosen exterior lighting solutions can transform the appearance of buildings and spaces, both large and small. Whether you’re illuminating office blocks, stately homes, domestic gardens or football pitches; the right lighting can be used to create an eye-catching effect or simply light the way safely. Whatever type of outdoor lighting you require, you can do it using energy efficient LEDs.

Architectural Lighting allows your building, monument or public space to take centre stage after dark. With dramatic exterior lighting effects, you can illuminate your structure to highlight its key features. Public buildings, hotels, shopping centres and historical buildings, as well as gardens and open spaces, can all benefit from well-designed exterior light solutions. You can go all out to create a “wow” factor with bright colours, or take a subtle approach, utilising white light for a striking but simple effect. Whichever approach you choose, LED bulbs emit an extremely high-quality light, with a high degree of clarity, making them a perfect fit for any type of architectural lighting. At Sera Technologies we can supply the LED architectural lighting you require for a sophisticated and energy efficient exterior lighting solution.

LED Lighting For Outdoor Events

If you’re looking for a powerful lighting solution for an outdoor event, bright and efficient bulbs are paramount, making these LED floodlights a great choice. Comparing favourably with old-style halogen floodlights, these highly efficient LED lights offer better illumination than their traditional counterparts and are specifically designed for use outside. Whether you need to illuminate a football pitch, car park or public pathway, you’ll need strong, bright exterior lighting solutions that can light the way in the dark. We also offer LED car park lights that are purpose built for the job.

Or if you’re putting on an outdoor gig or festival, coloured LED lights are a fantastic option for creating a festive ambience. We have a wide and varied selection of coloured LED lights to suit all tastes.

Security LED Lighting Solutions

Lighting is essential for security after dark, providing illumination for pedestrians and a deterrent to criminals and intruders. With LED lights offering extra brightness for the same energy expenditure, they are the obvious choice for every type of security lighting. Intelligent motion sensors can save energy by turning on lights only when triggered, or you can opt for continuous lighting all night long. From outdoor lights with sensors to lamp posts, floodlights and tunnel lighting, we can provide LED exterior lighting solutions for every security need.

LED Tunnel Lighting Security