LED Lighting Applications

There are many LED lighting applications; in architectural projects, residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. LED lighting is versatile, eco-friendly, and durable. It is available in a variety of forms and is suitable for a huge range of purposes.

Architectural Lighting

Not just the preserve of architects and lighting designers, our LED Architectural Lighting delivers fantastic results lighting up a wide variety of locations. For example, we can illuminate historical palaces and gardens, government buildings and award-winning libraries. Teamed with all the ecological and design benefits, our solutions are pioneering.

Contemporary Office Lighting

Light and, in particular, exposure to daylight plays an important role in our well-being. Daylight influences the body’s natural biorhythms and affects our moods. Inadequate lighting, therefore, will have a negative personal impact. In an office environment, lacklustre lighting will undoubtedly affect your staff, possibly resulting in poor performance. In most office spaces, available daylight is insufficient. As such, artificial light is also needed to create the correct lighting levels, required for a healthy workplace. Find out more in our Cityscape case study.

Commercial & Retail

In commercial and retail environments, it’s important to have excellent quality illumination and contemporary styling to keep your commercial property or retail store looking modern. Our wide range of Commercial & Retail LED Lighting, from downlights and spotlights to full linear lighting, give fantastic quality illumination alongside long operational and eco-friendly lives. Perfect for retail stores, clubs, bars, hotels and restaurants.

Warehouse and Factory Lighting

Because LED lighting is reliable, and long lasting, it is suitable for use in warehouses of any size. Our Warehouse Hi-bay LED Light Fittings are a popular choice. LED lights have a lifetime of around ten years, so there is a massive saving in time and effort changing expired light bulbs. When you have a lot of lights to power, it makes sense to use LED – their energy use is around 1/8th of the equivalent incandescent light bulb. That’s a big saving.

When good lighting improves your production process and makes your factory that bit safer, choose LED. Again, Hi-bay LED Light Fittings are useful here, but the versatility of LED lighting means lights can be positioned exactly where you need them. Make your working environment brighter, comfortably cooler, and safer with quality LED lighting applications.

Aircraft Hangar Lighting

High ceilings and cavernous spaces that are used around the clock cause issues for lighting engineers. You want to be changing the light bulbs less frequently and have good, consistent light coverage to facilitate repair work and aircraft maintenance. LED lights are cooler than fluorescent bulbs, so pose a reduced fire risk. Important for buildings housing fuel and other chemicals. LED lights are a great choice for your Aircraft Hangar Lighting.

Graphene LED Lighting is here

The latest Graphene LED bulbs have all the advantages of LED bulbs but with increased efficiency in production and operation – graphene is a layer of material added to the filament of a traditional LED bulb. It is set to make LED bulbs cheaper and more efficient, and with longer lifespans. Graphene LED bulbs can be used in all the same applications as a standard LED bulb and with cheaper running costs. Thus, with so many LED lighting applications available, what’s not to love?

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