LED Lighting FAQs

What is a LED?

A LED or Light Emitting Diode is an electronic component that emits light. LEDs were first used in commercial applications as early as 1962.


Where are LEDs used?

Simply LEDs are used everywhere. From cars to shop signs, in aeroplanes and in their aircraft hangars through to on board ships and of course in warehouses too. Over recent years, as the technology has further developed, you’ll find LEDs in our homes. You can also expect to see LEDs being used in most factory working environments to enable workers the best light for their work – good lighting improves production. And LEDs aren’t just used inside – they provide fantastic exterior lighting solutions.


What LED Colour do I buy?

Take a look at our Blog post – Understanding LED Colour, what does it mean?


Does wattage indicate brightness?

No. Unlike a normal incandescent light bulb where 60w is brighter than 40w, this is not the case with LEDs.

7w does not mean it’s brighter than 6w. However 4W is generally NOT a replacement for a 50W Halogen!!!

SERA’s LED bulbs are designed to be as close as possible to the the equivalent incandescent bulbs while remaining cost effective.


How do I decide what LED Lighting to buy?

Not only should you look at the lumen output, but also at the manufacturers of the LED and the quality of the product power supply.

Cree/Samsung/Bridgelux are widely renowned as some of the best in the industry. Combined with a quality power supply they  provide a consistent high-quality light and colour output.


Why does my LED lighting flash?

Do you have the correct dimmer and/or transformer for them?

As they consume a lot less power than standard lamps, on occasion the low power draw is outside the working range of the transformer or dimmer.

This causes them not to work or to flash. A competent wholesaler or electrician will be able to advise you what is required, or drop us a line.


Why is my 12v LED Lighting dim?

This is probably because the transformer you are using is underloaded.  The unit you have is probably designed to work with a minimum of 35w halogen lamps.

The transformer probably has markings similar to 20 – 60 va on it, and a 6w or 1.5w led lamp is way below the working range.  You should change it to a low load transformer like this one.


Are all LED lamps dimmable?

‘No’ is the simple answer. However, most of SERA’s bulbs are dimmable as standard (Refer to the product technical information to confirm). Take a look at our range of MR11 LED bulbs.


Not sure how many LED Panels you need for your office?

We have put together a little guide to help you work it out!  It’s not only the number of units, but how bright you want it.  Read it here


How much will I save with LED lighting?

A home with 10 standard 50w GU10’s, if used 6 hours a day at an average UK electricity rate, has a running cost of about £165 a year whilst Sera LED GU10’s will cost only around £20.


If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact us or use our LiveChat system at the bottom of your screen.