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Many of us spend a significant amount of time in an office setting. A dull and dreary working environment will do little to inspire and motivate members of staff. On the contrary, the right office lighting level will aid concentration and ensure your workers’ well-being. In fact, lighting quality is often one contributing environmental factor cited as causing sickness and absenteeism in the workplace.

The following tips demonstrate how innovative and discreet design can improve and lighten your office atmosphere both literally and figuratively.


Many office interiors are designed with regulation compliance in mind. The lux is the unit used to measure illuminance and luminous emittance. While uniformly lighting an office in accordance with the required lux level will meet health and safety regulations, it can also create a flat and lifeless work space.

Simply employing direct light will not create a bright and airy environment. Natural light is vital and exploiting it as much as possible is essential. However, in the absence of a strong supply, throwing artificial light onto ceilings and walls will make the space appear larger and brighter. The less claustrophobic the environment, the more likely you’ll have an energised and enthusiastic workforce.

Similarly, consider creating a contrast between different areas of the office. Those spaces not utilised as workstations, such as walkways, could have a lower level of lighting. This contrast can create a more stimulating space and contribute to a more dynamic design.


Local lighting, such as a single desk lamp per workstation can also create a more ambient work environment. A conventional set level of illumination can be harsh and bleaching. Using more localised lights can allow ceiling lights to be set at lower levels. This adds to a more comfortable environment as the lower lux level is often more restful on the eye.


Glare can severely affect the quality of lighting in an office environment and is an extreme form of visual discomfort. It is a key factor when choosing LED lighting. With an anti-glare, prismatic diffuser, LED lighting proves a popular choice for office spaces. Whether you prefer an LED panel configuration or a continuous LED linear lighting design, there are a variety of options available. From recessed to suspended linear lighting, SERA Technologies offers a stylish and dynamic design to suit any office space.


Not only does LED lighting offer exceptional performance, it’s also highly efficient, boasting low energy consumption and maintenance requirements. Minimising office overheads is a key concern. Therefore, choose your lighting solutions to help maximise energy savings. LED lighting is up to 80% more efficient than fluorescent lights, which significantly reduces running costs. In addition, intelligent lighting controls can offer an effective way to achieve further energy efficiency. Dimmable lighting offers a useful solution for your office. If your office benefits from plenty of natural light, dimmable lighting is ideal for use with daylight harvesting systems, as it can be programmed up or down to a maintained lux level – therefore, contributing to energy savings.

SERA Technologies offers a wide range of commercial and office lighting solutions to suit any style and space. Contact us today to discuss your LED lighting requirements.


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