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Why Cheap Bulbs are a Bad Idea 25 Apr 2014

As a company SERA has spent a lot of time looking at the components that go into LED bulbs and fittings, and there are huge variations in quality. In order to understand this without getting into too much technical detail, I’ll try to explain really simply why cheap LED bulbs are probably not the way forward!

LED bulbs and fittings are extremely heat sensitive, so must have good inbuilt thermal management, which is the ability to remove the heat generated away from the lamp. The best and most cost-effective way to do this would be with an aluminium chassis/housing. That’s why SERA and many of the large manufacturers do this. Then to remove more heat add side fins/vents. Increased surface area and ventilation means more heat removed. The more heat removal/cooling you can provide the longer the lamps will last.

Cheap LED Bulbs – Pretty much all made from a plastic!
Cheap LED bulbs – Rarely have fins/vents for cooling!

The result is that cheap LED bulbs tend not to have a very long life span!

We recently had a restaurant come to us asking for help, They had been open about a month and had to replace around 40 of their LED bulbs due to failure.  They had  electricians in and spent hundred of pounds on fault finding, finding nothing.  The simple answer was they had purchased cheap LED Bulbs.  However they were not so cheap to them!  The retailer had purchased really cheap LED bulbs, placed a huge mark up on them and sold them on.

The result was they purchased 40 x LED GU10 6W Dimmable Premiums form SERA and they have not had to replace one since purchasing. Good quality LEDs have a lifespan of somewhere around ten years and so they’re ideal in restaurants and also for warehouses, high bay venues like aircraft hangars

*There are many other factors affecting LED lamp failure. This is not a definitive list, and is designed just to give those who have no idea a brief understanding.

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