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Converting to LED will save money 8 Apr 2014

You can save a vast amount of money on your lighting running costs by converting to LED.  Whether it’s your home, office, factory or shop, it is well worth considering.

A home or shop with 10 x 50w GU10′s used 6 hours a day at an average UK domestic electricity rate* has a running cost of about £164 a year, whilst SERA LED GU10′s will cost only around £20.  Thats a huge £145 savings per 10 x 50W  bulbs, by converting to LED.

An office with 100 x recessed ceiling panels at 72W each, used 12 hours a day at an average UK commercial electricity rate has a running cost of about £2838 per year.  With a 36W LED panel, that would be £1,419 per year.  That’s a huge saving of £1,419 per 100 fittings, by converting to LED.

So if you are serious about making your home, office, factory or shop more efficient you should start thinking about converting to LED now. Our range of LED High Bay and corrosion resistant bulbs are suitable for shops and factories providing great efficiency for you.

* UK domestic energy rate used 15 p/kWh

** UK commercial energy rate used 9 p/kWh