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Unique ideas for using LEDs in your home 11 Apr 2015

Unique ideas for using LEDs in your home

There are so many ways you can use LED lighting in your rooms – whether it be in your home or in a commercial setting – to increase the size of space, the way a room feels and to add interest.

Here are some of our top tips for using LED lighting:

Light up your stairs

Staircases are often overlooked and tend to remain fairly bland and boring, when in fact it can become a feature itself. Using recessed LED lighting at a low level can be a great way to use a pathway of lights to lead the way up a staircase. Or alternatively, using LED downlights under a handrail can add an subtle and elegant touch.

Illuminate outside

Although we’re not blessed with year round sunshine in the UK, that’s still no excuse to ignore your outdoor areas. LED lighting is often a popular choice for security lights, but can also be used decoratively to help you really make the most of your outdoor space. Whether it be strip lights under steps or round pathways, recessed decking lights, or wrapping trees in small fairy lights, there’s no doubt that the right LED lighting can create a warm and welcoming feel to any outdoor space.

Get artistic with your lighting

Lighting doesn’t have to be just functional; it can be stylish and decorative too. More and more we are seeing lighting that looks more like an art installation than a practical light fixture in a room. Why not think about using light as a feature to draw people into a space?  

For more lighting inspiration for your, check out our kitchen and living room inspiration. We’re big fans of Pinterest and love finding interesting and bold ways to use lighting at home, workplaces and even outdoors. We’ve saved some of our favourite lighting ideas in our ‘Awesome Lighting Ideas’ board.