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Looking for dimmable LED downlights? 14 Oct 2014

If you’re looking for dimmable LED downlights, then we have a good range to choose from. Please have a look through our LED Lighting / Bulb Shop for our stock items, and bear in mind that if the exact dimmable LED downlight you need isn’t on our website, then we can order it for you. Please get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

Here’s what you need to know about dimmable LED downlights.

Not all LED lights are dimmable

Only ‘dimmable LED’ lights are dimmable. If you want to dim your lights, then you will need to buy dimmable LED downlights and not plain ol’ LED downlights. Do not try to dim regular LED lights.

You may need to change your transformer

Our SERA dimmable LEDs will work with most types of dimmer switch but some electronic transformers have a minimum load requirement which LED lights can fall below. If your dimmer switch has buttons or a slider, then there’s a good chance you’ll need to look at changing the transformer. If your LED downlights flicker, then it’s likely that your transformer needs changing. Ask one of our team for more information.

LED lighting will save you money

While dimmable LED lighting costs more to buy and install than regular dimmable lighting, the running costs of LED lighting are around 1/8th of the cost of the equivalent incandescent lighting. Payback time is pretty quick, and the longer lifespan of LED lighting means you’ll spend less time on maintenance and on replacements. If you’re looking to reduce your energy usage and costs, then LED downlights are a good option.

LED downlights are more energy efficient than CFL downlights

While CFL lighting uses less energy than traditional incandescent lighting, they are much harder to recycle. CFLs are unpopular because they take a long time to warm up, and don’t really provide adequate light. LED downlights provide instant, bright light with even less energy requirements than CFLs. LEDs are available in both dimmable and regular so there’s no limit to their application in either a commercial or domestic environment.

Beware ‘cheap’ dimmable LED downlights

As with all LED lighting, cheaper isn’t necessarily better. One big advantage to LED lighting is a long lifespan, but cheap LED downlights may not last as long as you would hope. Look for LED lighting that is built from aluminium and that have built in vents for efficient heat dissipation. Cheap dimmable LED downlights will overheat and fail pretty quickly. Good quality LED downlights will last much longer and reduce long-term replacement time and cost.

Dimmable LED downlights are available in different ‘colours’

Dimmable LED downlights are popular for a wide range of uses including in shops, offices, and homes. They are available in ‘warm white’ or ‘natural white’. LED downlights in warm white emit light at a more traditional level, giving a warm feel which is great for domestic use. Natural white is much whiter and is perfect for a more modern feel in offices or other commercial premises.

Whatever you need dimmable LED downlights for, we have a team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals here to help. If you have a question about dimmable LED lights that is not answered here, then please feel free to get in touch.