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What LED Colour should I buy? 6 May 2014

When people talk about LED colour, in most cases they don’t mean Red, Green or Blue.

They are talking about ‘Colour Temperature’.  LED colour temperature is the colour of the light that is emitted from the LED.

The K that is used indicates Kelvin (a unit of measurement for temperature).

Most people are used to an LED colour temperature of 2700k, which is a warm white colour and close to a traditional incandescent light bulb.

As the numbers move higher they get whiter.

2700k – Is pretty much the same colour as a traditional light bulb.

3000k – Is a good match for a halogen light, like you see in your outside floodlights, still warm in colour just not as warm.

4500k – 5500k Is much whiter, and sometimes called Natural White or Neutral White. It looks like natural daylight.

6000k – Is extremely white and starts to look blueish in colour and is sometimes called cool white, very much like a camera flash.

So when it comes to choosing an LED Colour, what should you choose?  Here is what we would recommend:

Warm White  (2200k – 3200k)   – If you are looking for a traditional look and feel, similar to what you have now.

Natural White (4500k – 5500k)   – If you are looking to modernise your environment, a contemporary house, kitchen, office or shop. Natural white is perfect for replacing existing office lighting.

Cool White   (6000k upwards)     – This an ideal light colour to chose for large industrial areas such as factories and warehouse. It provides a crisp clean light.

All SERA products are available in Warm White and Natural White like our LED MR11 3w Dimmable and LED AR111 8w Dimmable bulbs, with some products in Cool White.