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Whitehouse Interiors 9 May 2015

This week we’re very pleased to introduce interior designer Sarah Myall, from Whitehouse Interiors.

Ok, so spring is officially here and we break out the DIY and home improvements in gusto!!! However we are all guilty of rushing off to the nearest showroom when it comes to planning big works like kitchens and bathrooms thinking we will see the best range and value for money choices. This is partly true, you will see a great range, you will sit for hours planning worktops, and door handles, but as much as these are both practical and pretty, there is something often overlooked.

Whitehouse designs interior design collage


When designing functional space, lighting is a HUGE element that is often left uncovered. What is best for your home? What is best for your north facing kitchen/diner, or south facing bathroom? These are questions I bet you will never hear from the designer or sales person across the table. You’re sent off with your quote and a paint chart, ready to embrace your build with enthusiasm., but STOP! If you plan the lighting, you will not only be able to make better choices regarding the colouring of your room, but you will also be able to give the builders and tradesmen better information and save yourself both time and money later on.

So once you have your ideas, work out what you want, then what you need. Would you like a decorative pendant? Do spotlights work best? Do you want to dim overhead lighting to create different atmospheres? Do you want lights for specific tasks? Do you want lights in cupboards that are dark and difficult to see? Is age and eyesight against you?

Whitehouse interior design collage


Task lighting, ‘what’s that?” LED? Halogen? Strip Lighting? All of it sounds very complicated and expensive, but honestly it really isn’t if you get the right expert advice. Some options come with a higher price tag, but up to a 20-year guarantee so in the life of your property it will end up saving you money. Buy the right lighting solutions now and not only will you not be up and down ladders changing bulbs, but you will also save money on your energy bills.

So next time you are in the market for a large purchase such as a kitchen or bathroom, ask your designer if they can help with selecting the right lighting for the area, or seek out expert advice before you make those big decisions. You will be amazed at how much a room can be altered just with lighting alone. View the SERA Shop for some fantastic bulbs or check out our blogs on kitchen lighting and living room lighting solutions.