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Whitehouse Interiors

This week we’re very pleased to introduce interior designer Sarah Myall, from Whitehouse Interiors.   Ok, so spring is officially here and we break out the DIY and home improvements in gusto!!! However we are all guilty of rushing off to the nearest showroom when it comes to planning big works like kitchens and bathrooms […]

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Is A 36w LED Panel Bright Enough?

Is a 36w LED Panel Bright Enough? We regularly get queries from customers looking for 40w or 50w panels, however when we suggest a 36w panel, the response is often that they don’t think it would be bright enough, which is certainly not the case. To demonstrate this, we’ve taken a photo of a typical […]

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MR11 LED Dimmable Video

Just a short YouTube video demonstrating that our MR11 LED Dimmable lamps really do dim.  

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What LED Colour should I buy?

When people talk about LED colour, in most cases they don’t mean Red, Green or Blue. They are talking about ‘Colour Temperature’.  LED colour temperature is the colour of the light that is emitted from the LED.  The K that is used indicates Kelvin (a unit of measurement for temperature).   Most people are used to an […]

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