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What is Track Lighting?

LED track lighting offers an energy efficient and convenient way to incorporate lighting solutions into any space. Boasting adaptability and versatility, track lighting can be installed in a variety of different settings and proves particularly popular for use in commercial and retail spaces.

Track lighting systems function using two main elements. The track itself, which can be mounted onto ceilings and walls or even suspended and the spotlight, which are secured along the track. These LED track spotlights can be mounted anywhere along the length of the track and are fully adjustable. All of the system components are anchored in a single electrical box, thereby eradicating the need for structural remodelling and offering an easy retrofit option.

Track systems offer an ideal lighting solution for a range of spaces. From domestic settings to offices and retail stores, track lighting can be configured for practical purposes or used to create architectural and ambient effects. 

Choosing Recessed or Track Lighting?

While track lighting has much in common with recessed lighting and both can be used for spotlights and full illumination, there are features to differentiate the two. Recessed lighting is installed in the ceiling. These hidden fixtures blend into the ceiling, taking up less visual space but often requiring structural remodelling upon installation.

Track lighting, however, is mounted directly onto a ceiling or wall surface, allowing for a minimally invasive installation process. As such, recessed lighting typically costs more to install than track lighting.

Recessed lighting is often the ideal choice for a more subtle solution. The hidden fixtures blend seamlessly with the ceiling surface. For spaces with low ceilings, recessed lighting is often the best option, as track lighting will protrude down into the ceiling space.   

While recessed lighting is a permanent fixture, track lighting can be rotated 360 degrees. The spotlights allow for easy adjustments depending on requirements, thereby offering enhanced versatility and the ability to illuminate any area.

Track Lighting in Retail Spaces

Choosing the right type of lighting for a retail space is an important consideration. Creating an environment that minimises shadows and highlights products appropriately is key. Effective LED lighting can provide atmosphere, orientation and help to encourage customers to come inside.

LED track lighting offers a number of effective options for illuminating retail spaces. It can be used to provide general lighting throughout a space or adjusted to create task or accent lighting.

The layout of a shop floor and store front is updated regularly to entice new footfall and retain repeat custom. Track lighting heads can be rotated and tilted at different angles for customisation and this ease of adjustability can help to keep pace with a frequently evolving retail environment. Track lighting is available in a range of designs, colours and styles and interchangeable light sets can be used to change the look of lighting structures while maintaining consideration for cost and efficiency.

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