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Ever since we have had an opinion on the matter, we at Sera Technologies have said that the quality of Anolis Architectural Lighting products is the highest in the market (and, yes, you can buy them from us!). Anolis products are not the cheapest but they are great value, as our recent trip to their research centre and factory in the Czech Republic demonstrated.

The thoroughness and attention to detail of the operation were impressive and many of the practices that were evident shows why reliability of Anolis lighting is second to none.


All fittings are certified to a range of international standards (ETL, UL, CSA, CETL, CE). Accepted opinion is that the American and, particularly, the Canadian CSA standards set the bar higher than others. Even if you are not based in these countries you benefit from their stringent requirements. In addition the CSA standard requires third party certification (unlike the European CE mark which can be self-certified) giving an extra level of confidence to the discerning purchaser.



Every single Anolis fitting is subject to a rigorous testing regime for at least 48 hours before it leaves the factory to ensure it works to specification. Some manufacturers are content with sample-based testing but not Anolis.


This special test is carried out on Anolis fittings to assess and verify how long a fitting is likely to last in use. A simulation of the wear and tear of many years in condensed into a short time by using a number of techniques such as subjection to extreme changes of temperature and exposure to moisture and salt.


Wherever possible (and this depends on the specific component), individual circuitry elements are tropicalised which involves lacquering to achieve an IP rating at the component level. This represents the next level of protection for the already IP rated fittings (achieved through macro-level techniques such as seals). This extra level of protection helps ensure that the integrity of a fitting remains defined over a longer period of time without degradation.


Exceptional design not only provides exceptional features and performance but also contributes significantly to reliability. As an example of this in Anolis products, we were especially impressed by the ArcSource inground fitting’s design. There is a motor inside the fitting which allows adjustment of the beam direction to point at the subject. This motor is remote controlled to prevent any possibility of introducing moisture or other contamination into the fitting during the installation process (a not uncommon problem with other manufacturers’ products). In addition, the power and control gear components are in a completely separate chamber of the fitting to the LED components again to avoid any chance of compromising the IP rating.


LEDs create a lot of heat over a small area and removal of this heat quickly and efficiently is key to preserving the reliability of the chips. In contrast to some others, Anolis invest a lot of time, effort and money into the design of heat sinks to remove this heat and keep the operational temperature within acceptable limits. In some cases this will necessitate using special components (e.g. copper heat pipes) in addition to the thoughtfully designed shapes and sizes of heat sink.


State of the art machines are used in manufacturing especially for high precision and/or small scale component jobs. This is more important over time as average component sizes reduce with technological advances.

The Best Components
Components for Anolis products are acquired from the top producers worldwide. These include Cree LEDs, Mean Well drivers and Minebea stepping motors (these last mostly used in products from the Anolis sister company, Robe). High quality components mean high quality finished products.

External cables may not be the most exciting part of an architectural light fitting but they can have a significant influence on overall reliability. Anolis use igus chainflex cables. These are reinforced by an internal metal “cage” which prevents stretching or other distortion of the cables which might adversely affect the operation of the fitting
Special Operational Modes
There is the flexibility to change way the fittings work when installed. For example, where there is an unusually hot environment, software changes can specify that the LEDs operate at below their normal temperature. This will mean that the level of illumination is lower but the reliability remains high.

As with everything, people are key contributors to the quality of a finished product and it is no different at Anolis. Staff welfare is treated very seriously with the provision of staff canteens, on-site health/gym facilities, personal development schemes (e.g. foreign language classes), good HR practices and, something which is very noticeable when one visits, a well organised, clean and calm working environment. All this means not only that employees are in the best mental state to work well but also that staff retention is high – this is very important in this particular area of the country as it is a centre of high-tech industries and skilled staff are in short supply.

None of the above is an optional extra; they are all part of the production of all Anolis products. All in all, it is not surprising that Anolis products are the very best you can buy.


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