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Dimmable LED Lighting

Advances in dimmable LED technology means that the intensity of overhead lighting can be easily adjusted to suit any lighting design scheme. How does LED dimming actually work? There are several types of dimming options and each operates differently…

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Guide to Office Lighting Design

Lighting your office efficiently and effectively makes sound business sense. Costs obviously need to be within your budget, but don’t just treat lighting (quite literally) as an overhead. The ideal lighting solution will have a considerable impact on the office environment and, in turn, your workforce.

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UK Emergency Lighting Regulations – We could do this for your building

Emergency lighting is essential for any building, ensuring your office or commercial building is prepared in case a situation would arise when normal lighting fails or main power is cut. This could happen for a number of reasons, some being due to a fire or a power cut. If this were to happen, your emergency […]

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