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With a passion for LED lighting, Sera Technologies is the expert you need to light up your next project. Our dedicated team offer an end-to-end service from product sourcing and manufacturing to importing and distribution – all at competitive prices. We recognise that customer education plays an important role when it comes to quality LEDs; this is why we are committed to providing premium, energy efficient products along with trusted advice so you can get the best out of our leading lighting solutions for commercial, industrial or architectural projects.

Over the years we have built a high quality secure supply chain enabling us to deliver good quality products quickly and efficiently to our customer wherever they are in the world.

When compared to traditional lighting solutions, easily the most significant advantage of LEDs is their long lifespan. The average LED bulb boasts around 50 to 100,000 operating hours, which is up to four times longer than most modern alternatives. In fact, it’s more than 40 times as long as the average incandescent bulb.

Here at SERA Technologies, we specialise in manufacturing, sourcing, importing and distributing premium, high quality LED products, at a fair price. Technology has rapidly brought LEDs into competitive pricing with alternatives and can be introduced as standard for most lighting needs. In fact, we pride ourselves on having developed our own, exclusive range of superior LED luminaires that offer maximum brightness at a reasonable price.



From commercial to retail lighting, SERA Technologies work with a wide variety of customers, providing specifications and replacement LED lighting for a range of applications. In many retrofit projects, installing LEDs can result in a significant improvement in the overall energy efficiency of a facility’s lighting.

Whether off-the-shelf or bespoke solutions, we offer experience and expertise, whatever the project. We can translate your thoughts into stunning lighting designs to help you visualise your project. Using the latest design software and lighting calculations, we can provide you with a complete lighting design proposal.

Our range of architectural LED lighting is designed to draw attention to the construction of buildings and monuments, helping to showcase a beautiful building in its best light.



Our commercial lighting boasts quality, long-life, operational illumination, suitable for a range of properties. From restaurants to office lighting, our contemporary styling ensures your space stays sleek and modern. We can show you how to improve the ambience of any hospitality space with our range of colour and dimmable options.

Industrial factories, hangars and warehouses demand robust lights and superior illumination. Our range at Sera offers exactly that, ensuring your space is fitted with durable LED lighting. We also offer powerful, high-quality arena and stadium LED floodlighting, designed to meet the exacting standards of clubs and venues.

All our stock is held in the UK and we’re always delighted to be able to help with both lighting design and installation. From our best-selling linear led lighting to graphene bulbs, offering enhanced efficiency and value for money, we are able to offer next day delivery on most products.

Contact us today to speak to our team about your LED lighting requirements.

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