Warehouse Lighting

When you’re looking to reduce your commercial energy use and reduce costs, making the switch to LED lighting will help. If you have the luxury of planning your warehouse space from scratch, planning to install LED lights could be the best investment you will make.

Here's Why We Think LED Is The Best For An Industrial Or A Commercial Environment.

  • LED lights cost around one-eighth of the cost of incandescent bulbs, and around one-tenth of the cost of halogen bulbs to run. Yes, they may be more expensive to buy, to begin with, but you will recoup the initial cost within 1 – 2 years in energy cost savings.
  • You will have to replace LED lighting a lot less frequently. LED’s last around ten times as long as their halogen and incandescent equivalents, which is a time-saving reduction of 90% in bulb changing time alone. How much do you pay your maintenance man to change your blown bulbs?
  • LED lighting does not need to warm up like similar energy-saving bulbs. LED lights work like instant light, which means your warehouse is well lit from the second you flick the switch – no more moving about in half-light until the bulb decides it’s going to wake up!
  • LED lights are cooler than incandescent and halogen lights. When you have products which require light but not heat, LED lights will not damage your stock. LED lights will also mean improved comfort for your warehouse staff.

Example: 93m x 26m Warehouse with automated racking system, 3D layout drawing

LEDs are cheaper to run, long-lasting, and eco-friendly. It makes sense to use them where you will use a lot of light fittings, such as in a large office, showroom, or warehouse.

The advantages of LED lights specifically in a warehouse are that warehouses have a lot of lights, making a significant saving in energy costs. Warehouse lighting, like aircraft hangar lighting, tends to be high up, making changing blown bulbs a time-consuming and risky operation. LED light bulbs will mean you need to change the bulbs less frequently, minimising maintenance time and risk to you and your employees.

It is important to get the lighting right in a warehouse and manufacturing factory environment, both so that the room temperature suits the stock, and to minimise the risk of trips and falls due to bad light levels. LED lights can be positioned exactly where you need them, more so than halogen lights which can be dazzling at the wrong angle and need space around them to allow for the heat produced.

LED warehouse lighting can be designed specifically for your premises – get in touch to learn more about our design service. We can work out the type of light bulb and fitting that would work for you, and where they should be placed for optimal lighting performance.

If you want to discuss the right sort of light bulbs for your warehouse or to get a quote on a LED lighting warehouse specification, please give us a call. We’re always happy to help and to share our knowledge and experience of warehouse lighting.