Architectural Lighting

Illuminate The Iconic With LED Lights

Our LED architectural lighting solutions are the perfect lighting solution for a huge variety of applications.

From kitchen spotlighting, to growing plants, to lighting up the exterior of large buildings, LED lighting is a highly versatile and practical solution, possessing the usual economical and eco-friendly qualities associated with the technology.

Our superior quality LED architectural lights highlight the versatility and potential of LED lighting solutions to create an innovative, exciting and eye-catching display. The powerful and flexible products facilitate techniques such as accent lighting, wall washing and grazing and cove lighting. There is a huge palette of colours available that can be used to produce spectacular effects or there is also the option to use the more subtle effects of a mixture of different versions of white light.

At Sera Technologies, we are very pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Anolis, the leading architectural lighting manufacturer. Anolis has provided innovative lighting solutions for many impressive clients, such as the Somerset House in London and King’s Cross Station, where the interior of the dome of the new concourse is shown at its most impressive using sophisticated lighting techniques.

Architectural lighting is a fantastic way of showcasing beautiful buildings at all times of the day and night. Lighting adds impact and transforms the look of a building instantly, highlighting the special parts, and creating a focal point in the vicinity. For culturally important and iconic buildings, LED’s add an extra dimension, drawing in the eye and extending the building’s daily life.

Case Study: Waddesdon Manor

The spectacular light display at Waddesdon Manor near Aylesbury this winter showcases the power of architectural lighting and particularly LED lighting to transform historical buildings. The technology illuminates dark winter nights by bathing the Manor’s grand façade in rainbow colours.

Benefits For Pubs, Bars, Hotels And More

The insides of buildings can also benefit from our LED products. Our high-performance Anolis MiniMe LED Moving Light is a compact and mobile LED lighting application that can produce a huge range of powerful lighting effects, including text and video projection through 360 degrees. It is the perfect solution for all forms of indoor architectural illumination.

Although LED architectural lighting may have been pioneered by such notable and important buildings, more prosaic structures can also derive great benefits from its use. The same techniques can be used to differentiate your hotel, pub, bar or shopping centre from the competition.

Anolis MiniMe LED Moving Light

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