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LED Track Lighting Guide

LED track lighting offers a number of effective options for illuminating retail spaces. It can be used to provide general lighting throughout a space or adjusted to create task or [...]

Guide to LED Light Bulbs

One of the top reasons to choose LED light bulbs over halogen bulbs is their energy-saving capability, LED is by far the smartest solution when it comes to light bulbs. [...]

LED Lights Explained

These days energy-saving lighting is fast becoming the norm - and rightly so; the benefits both in environmental and money-saving terms are well known.

Commercial LED Lighting (Guide)

First things first, what is commercial LED lighting? Put simply, it’s any LED lighting system that’s used in places such as restaurants, retail stores, offices and government buildings. If there [...]

LED Linear Lighting Guide

LEDs provide a highly efficient and long-lasting source of light. When multiple LEDs are packaged together in a long, narrow housing, they create a strip of light otherwise known as [...]

Guide to LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights can be used virtually anywhere to introduce powerful lighting in a variety of colours and brightness. Flexible and versatile, LED strips provide an effective lighting solution for [...]

Architectural Lighting Guide

Effective lighting brings out the best in a building. Architectural lighting applications in particular, can showcase and transform the visual appearance of a range of structures. We've compiled some tips [...]

Industrial Lighting Guide

Having the right lighting conditions for your factory or warehouse is essential for the safety of your workers and the overall energy efficiency of your operation. Industrial spaces are often [...]