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LED is one form of lighting that has come into the mainstream in recent years, although it’s actually been around in one form or another since the 1960s. Today LED lights are used throughout our homes, offices and retail premises.

Let’s start with the acronym LED which stands for Light Emitting Diode and is the name for an electronic component which gives off light. These diodes are assembled into lamps, called luminaires. Unlike traditional halogen bulbs, which produce incandescence from heat, LEDs produce light electronically.

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LED bulbs are far more energy-efficient than conventional incandescent light bulbs and have a much longer operating life. They offer instant light without having to ‘warm-up’ to reach their full brightness and emit less heat than a filament bulb and therefore safer than traditional bulbs. This reduces the risk of fire caused by high-temperature bulbs. The disposal of LED bulbs is also more environmentally friendly as they don’t contain any dangerous chemicals or mercury.



Anywhere! From restaurants and offices to warehouses, factories and homes, LED lighting can be used in a wide range of settings. Commercial properties demand robust lighting and superior illumination and LEDs offer the ideal solution. Over recent years, technology has rapidly brought LEDs into competitive pricing with traditional alternatives. As such, LEDs can be introduced as standard for most lighting needs, including domestic settings and exterior lighting solutions.


Until relatively recently, LED lighting was fairly limited. However, advances in technology now mean there are a range of standard styles and fittings available.

A recent innovation in LED lighting solutions is the use of graphene, a modified version of carbon. Graphene is reported to be around 100 times stronger by weight than steel and is hugely efficient at conducting both heat and electricity. It is also light, durable and almost transparent and the first generation of graphene LED lighting is already available.

Graphene LED bulbs are essentially standard LED filament bulbs with an additional graphene coating. Adding graphene to a LED bulb helps to dissipate heat, thereby making the bulb brighter. As a result, the same brightness can be achieved but with a lower wattage bulb, effectively reducing energy use for the same result.



The running costs of LED bulbs are a fraction of that of traditional lighting solutions. In fact, traditional halogen bulbs use approximately five times the amount of energy consumed by LEDs. According to the Energy Saving Trust, a halogen bulb uses about £11 of electricity a year. Compare this with the LED’s approximate annual cost of £2 and the energy savings speak for themselves.

Furthermore, traditional halogen bulbs are not operationally efficient. Not only do they lose a considerable amount of the electricity used as heat but they also have a short lifespan. When used for around three hours a day, halogen lightbulbs last for around 2,000 hours. LED bulbs, however, boast an impressive 25,000 hours by comparison. The long operational life time of the LED helps to achieve greater energy efficiency, leading to significant energy savings.


Unlike a traditional incandescent light bulb, where 60w is brighter than 40w, the brightness of LEDs is measured in a different way. From halogens to LEDs, different bulbs need different amounts of electricity to produce the same amount of light. LED lighting is far more efficient at converting watts to light. As such, the brightness of LEDs is measured in terms of lumens, a distinct measure of the light produced. The higher the lumen value, the brighter the bulb.


As with traditional lightbulbs, it is possible to use a dimmer switch with LED lighting. However, it’s important to realise that a dimmer switch that may have worked with an incandescent bulb won’t necessarily work with LED lighting. This is because LED lighting works at a lower wattage than other bulbs. Innovations in LED dimming mean there’s a workable solution for every design, offering enhanced control over the brightness, colour and ambience of the installation. The main issue to be aware of is one of compatibility.


When considering how many lights to purchase, it’s important to consider several factors. While many people may have an idea of what they would like to achieve, it can be difficult to translate a vision into reality. From the lumen output of bulbs to the quality of drivers and power supplies, there are several considerations that may affect the number of lights required. Consultancy can help to realise your lighting project. Whether you’re looking for an off-the-shelf or bespoke solution, Sera Technologies bring experience and expertise to any installation idea. We can help to translate your ideas into stunning designs using the latest design software and lighting calculations.


Lighting may be rarely noticed in everyday life, unless there is a perceived lack or excess of it. However, used effectively, lighting not only creates a comfortable environment but can also strongly influence how we perceive the world. LED lighting offers a versatile solution and can be used in a wide variety of applications in a range of industry sectors and domestic settings.


Light and in particular, exposure to daylight plays an important role in our well-being. Daylight influences the body’s natural biorhythms and affects mood. As such, inadequate lighting is not only restrictive, it also has a negative impact on an individual’s comfort and capacity to perform.

In an office environment, lacklustre lighting will undoubtedly negatively affect staff, possibly resulting in poor performance. In most office spaces, available daylight can be insufficient. For office lighting, artificial light is needed to create the correct lighting levels required for a healthy workplace.

Not only does LED lighting offer exceptional performance, it’s also highly efficient, boasting low energy consumption and maintenance requirements, making it the ideal choice for office lighting designs. Different activities require different types and levels of light and investment in human-centric lighting can give a tangible return in terms of worker productivity.

Commercial & Retail

Excellent quality illumination and contemporary styling are essential for commercial and retail settings. From spotlights to full linear lighting, LEDs can provide a versatile and superior lighting solution.

LED lighting designs incorporate the latest software and calculations to provide solutions for a range of commercial and retail properties. From bars and restaurants to shops and showrooms, contemporary LED styling can ensure any commercial space remains sleek and modern. Available in an array of colour, quality and design options, LED lighting can help to create the ideal ambience for any installation.

Keeping costs down is an important consideration for commercial organisations. Boasting both operational longevity and enhanced energy efficiency, LED lighting makes the ideal choice. In many retrofit projects, installing LED bulbs can result in a significant improvement in the overall energy efficiency of a company’s lighting.


Not only is lighting a critical aspect of the built environment for safety and security, but it can also be used to beautify the space and architecture around us. Effective architectural lighting applications can bring out the best in a range of buildings, showcasing and transforming the visual appearance of structures. From creating focal points to highlighting special features, architectural lighting can add considerable visual impact.

While architectural lighting design incorporates a creative process, it fundamentally involves identifying the aim of the application, then selecting the correct combination of equipment and techniques to satisfy the desired scheme. Lighting applications can be subtle or dramatic, monochromatic or colourful. They draw the eye and influence visual perspective.



With their high ceilings, large spaces and narrow aisles, industrial settings can be challenging to light. However, the right lighting helps to create a safe working environment. Appropriate industrial lighting can prevent accidents from happening and improves overall health and safety performance.

To operate around the clock, industrial spaces require constant artificial light which can incur considerable costs in terms of energy consumption. Boasting energy efficiency and superior light quality, LED lighting offers the ideal solution for industrial settings.

Whenever a large indoor space needs to be illuminated, high or low bay lighting is usually the appropriate choice. From factories to distribution facilities, high or low bay lighting is adaptable and fulfils the demands of numerous applications. High ceilings can make changing defective bulbs an arduous task. The less frequently bulbs require replacement, the better. LEDs boast a long lifespan and many products are both dust and waterproof as well as shock and corrosion resistant, making them ideal for installation in a wide range of industrial environments.


In recent years, LED lighting has undergone considerable development and the range of solutions available is no longer sparse nor prohibitively expensive. Many people now consider LED lighting to be an economical and environmentally-friendly solution for their homes.

LEDs use less energy than traditional bulbs and last significantly longer. Switching to LED lighting not only offers householders an opportunity to benefit from reduced energy bills, it also introduces consumers to the array of LED colour, quality and design options available.

The right lighting can help to make any room feel more spacious or can be used to create a particular atmosphere. LED bulbs can provide uniform light and when combined with dimmable drivers they offer the flexibility to create a bright environment or a subtle, softer ambience.

Whether you are a contractor, consultant or domestic customer, we pride ourselves on our customer service, flexible solutions and ease of purchase. You can buy online or over the phone, direct from us or from one of our trusted, national wholesalers. We are here to help all our customers find their ideal LED lighting solution.

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