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Commercial track lighting offers an energy-efficient and convenient way to incorporate LED ceiling light solutions into any space. Boasting adaptability and versatility, track lighting can be installed in a variety of different settings and proves particularly popular for use in commercial and retail spaces.


Track lighting systems function using two main elements. The track itself, which can be mounted onto ceilings, walls and suspended or recessed AND the LED track lights, which are installed along the length of the track.

These LED ceiling lights can be mounted anywhere on the track and are fully adjustable.  All the system components are anchored in a single electrical system, thereby eradicating the need for structural remodelling and offering an easy and simple retrofit option. Take a look at track lighting in our gallery.



A commercial track lighting system can be either suspended or surface mounted, it is then powered using an end feed or live end. This end feed is then connected to you electricity supply. There are several types of track, single circuit and three circuit. With a single circuit track system you can only turn the LED ceiling lights on and off with a single switch, with a three circuit you have the ability to control the lights of three switches. Your track lights then clip into the track anywhere along the length and can be moved as required. On three circuit track lights, the light has a switch so you can select which circuit you wish it to work on. It is important to note that not all track lights have the same track adaptor, so please check it will fit your commercial track lighting system.



While commercial track lighting has much in common with recessed lighting and both can be used for spotlights and full illumination, there are features to differentiate the two. Recessed lighting is installed in the ceiling. These hidden fixtures blend into the ceiling, taking up less visual space but often requiring structural remodelling upon installation.

Track lighting, however, is mounted directly onto a ceiling or wall surface, allowing for a minimally invasive installation process. As such, recessed lighting is typically a more expensive LED ceiling light to install than track lighting.

Recessed lighting is often the ideal choice for a more subtle solution. The hidden fixtures blend seamlessly with the ceiling surface. For spaces with low ceilings, recessed lighting is often the best option, as track lighting will protrude down into the ceiling space.   

While recessed lighting is a permanent fixture, track lighting can be rotated 360 degrees. The spotlights allow for easy adjustments depending on requirements, thereby offering enhanced versatility and the ability to illuminate any area.


LED track lighting has many positive points as an effective LED ceiling light solution that we’ve already touched on, including the ease of installing, especially as a retrofit option with minimal disruption. It also offers the flexibility to highlight specific areas or products, a priority when used in a retail environment, as you can pinpoint the directional light quickly and easily.

Another advantage is the variety of track light styles and colours available to suit your retail environment, you can choose from contemporary to more industrial designed track lights for commercial sites.

We supply a 3 circuit LED track system, allowing you to split the ceiling lighting into areas. Compared to other fixtures and depending on the track length, style and number of spotlights, the initial costs may be more, but using energy-efficient LED lighting will ensure that ongoing costs are reduced.

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When designed correctly and selecting the most suitable type of track lighting fixtures, track lighting really can highlight the best features of any retail or commercial space. Here are the options available:

Surface Mounted Track Lighting

When we talk about LED surface track lighting, this means the track is mounted and screwed directly on the ceiling. Installation is simple with tracks being able to be fitted wherever required and is a minimally invasive installation process. The track comes in different lengths and but can be cut to fit your measurements. For longer LED surface mounted lights, you can join tracks by using a coupler and linking them together.

Surface-mounted track lighting isn’t just limited to ceilings and can also be installed on walls, either vertically or horizontally. It’s a great option for lighting objects at different angles.

Suspended Track Lighting

Popular in retail and commercial spaces with high ceilings, suspended track lighting allows the lights to be lowered closer to products or areas that need to be illuminated. This can be achieved using suspension wire kits or fixed threaded rod kits. This type of mounting also provides an attractive industrial finish to space.  It can also be cut and installed to make any length, rectangle, square or shape required.

Recessed Track Lighting

Recessed track lighting is installed in the ceiling, the Track itself is recessed, thus reducing the visual impact of it.  It generally would cost more to install than the surface mounted option.  It is, however, the ideal choice for a more subtle solution with the installation blending more seamlessly with the ceiling surface. For spaces with low ceilings, recessed track lighting is often the best option.

Dimmable Track Lighting

There’s now a workable dimmable solution for all types of LED lighting. Dimmable track lighting is available and designed to give more control over the brightness and ambience required of your ceiling lights.  Mains dimmable spotlights also reduce energy consumption and are compatible with many circuit track lighting systems.


LED track lighting systems offer an ideal ceiling light solution for a range of businesses and public spaces. From commercial and office settings to retail stores and art galleries.  Track lighting can be configured for practical purposes or used to create architectural and ambient effects.

Accent track lighting is commonly used to highlight a particular feature, product or area. Utilising the directional spotlights, accent lighting can accentuate just about anything.

Another popular way to use track lighting is for the illumination of walls. This is known as wall washing, where the light source is placed further away from the wall surface providing an even application of light to ‘wash’ down the wall or building. This gives the wall texture a flat appearance.

Wall grazing uses a similar lighting technique to wall washing but the light fixture is positioned very close to the wall (no further away than 12 inches) to highlight and bring out the wall texture.

Here are some environments where different ways to use track lighting work well:

Retail Track Lighting

Choosing the right type of lighting for retail space is an important consideration. Creating an environment that minimises shadows and highlights products appropriately is key. Effective LED ceiling lighting can provide atmosphere, orientation and help to encourage customers to come inside.

LED track lighting offers several effective options for illuminating retail spaces. It can be used to provide general lighting throughout a space or adjusted to create task or accent lighting.  For some ideas see our track lighting gallery

Track lighting heads can be rotated and tilted at different angles for customisation and this ease of adjustability can help to keep pace with a frequently evolving retail environment.

Industrial Track Lighting

Commercial and industrial environments often have very high ceilings, which is one of the reasons why suspended track lighting is a popular choice. Using higher-powered spotlights ensures that even with further distances to travel, areas with high ceilings can be sufficiently lit. To enhance the ‘industrial style’, you can choose black track lighting and spotlights.

Architectural Track Lighting

Whether a modern and contemporary or historical building, architectural track lighting can help to accentuate the unique features of any building. Wall washing or wall grazing track lighting can enhance and show off architecture and the design of buildings.

Architectural track lighting can also be used inside buildings to draw attention to the internal construction of buildings. A great example is to use track lighting for vaulted ceilings to highlight particular details or just the expanse of ceiling.

Track Lighting for Art Galleries

The convenience and flexibility of directional spotlight fixtures can highlight artwork beautifully on a gallery wall. That’s why accent track lighting for art galleries is a popular choice to present works of art in the best possible light. With many art galleries or museums located in historic buildings, surface mounted or suspended track lighting offers the most non-intrusive installation.

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