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Aircraft Hangar Lighting 20 Jul 2016

An aircraft hangar provides a substantial space in which to perform aircraft maintenance. Operating at all hours and whatever the weather, these large, specialised spaces require effective, large-scale lighting solutions.

Few lighting projects will require more careful consideration than aircraft hangar installations. From the buildings’ unique properties to functional dictates, hangar lighting must offer effective energy and operational efficiency.

High lighting levels are essential in order to meet industry regulatory requirements. Similarly, long operating hours require robust and superior performance.

LED lighting offers the ideal solution. Boasting energy efficiency, superior light quality and reduced maintenance requirements, LED installations far outshine any industry alternative.

Aircraft hanger lighting diagram

Example: 120m x 60m Hangar with aircraft in position, and lighting layout laid over the top

Lighting levels

Aircraft maintenance hangars must have high lighting levels. When repairing aircraft, precision work cannot be performed appropriately under low illumination levels. Similarly, glare can impact negatively on lighting levels. Our lighting specialists are able to help design the ideal configuration for your hangar and minimise the potential for glare.

Visual inspection tasks constitute a large proportion of routine aircraft maintenance. The correct level of lighting aids accuracy and enables engineers to spot and service potentially serious defects. A hangar’s sheer size and space can present challenging lighting problems, however LED lighting provides the ideal solution. Available in a range of specifications, the optimum lighting levels for your aircraft hangar can be achieved.

Maintenance made easy

High hangar ceilings can make changing defective and defunct light bulbs an arduous and tricky task. As such, the less frequently bulbs require replacement, the better. LED lights have a much longer life expectancy than comparable incandescent and halogen lights. A good quality LED light can last approximately ten years. Requiring less frequent replacement, LED lights offer greater longevity, incur less expense and ensure enhanced energy efficiency.

Layout 2 Aircraft Hangar Lighting

Energy efficiency

As high luminescence is required day and night, aircraft hangar lighting can be very expensive to operate. Keeping energy costs to a minimum is key. As a rule, LED lighting is approximately 25% more energy efficient than incandescent light. Similarly, the comparably strong light emitted by LED lights means fewer may be required. Employing LED lighting ensures you not only save money long term, but also benefit from a more eco-friendly working environment.

Improved working environment

LED lights boast lower heat emissions than their fluorescent or halogen counterparts. In fact, they emit hardly any heat at all. Lower heat emissions avoid creating an uncomfortably hot working environment. In addition, in an aircraft hangar, containing machinery and many potentially flammable substances, LED lights will mean a lower fire risk.

While LED lighting may initially incur more expense, particularly for a large space, such as an aircraft hangar, installation will result in a lower long-term spend. Offering a cost-effective solution, you’ll soon reap the rewards of LED lighting. We offer a wide range of lighting applications to suit your hangar space. Contact us today to discuss your LED lighting requirements.