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Should Your Hotel Upgrade to LED? 30 Apr 2015

Should Your Hotel Upgrade To LED?

Since their energy draining counterparts have been made obsolete, LED lighting has been growing at a speedy rate.

Of course we’re biased about switching to LED, but there are some very key reasons as to why upgrading to LED is a great investment for your hotel.

Save Money

Yes the financial outlay at the beginning may put many hotels and hotel chains off from making the switch, but the financial gains to be made are substantial and shouldn’t be ignored. The cut in energy bills will be significant, and most businesses see a return on their investment much quicker than expected.

Be Responsible

Every business has a corporate social responsibility and as a business, we understand that it’s important to do your bit for the environment. Making the switch to LED lighting is a great way to show your commitment to increasing your energy efficiency and reducing consumption wastage.

More Effective

Many people have misconceptions when it comes to the quality and effectiveness of LED lighting, when in fact good quality LED bulbs will be much more brighter and effective in lighting all kinds of different spaces than their counterparts. Whether you have dark hallways that need a good injection of light, or want a subtle lighting effect in your dining room for guests, the quality of light is far more superior to the usual halogen bulbs, and very flexible in terms of the colour, brightness and ability to create mood lighting.

If you want more expert advice on making the switch to LED, or just to chat over the options, give us a call on 01727 600 102 today.