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The right lighting helps to create a safe working environment. Suitable lighting can prevent accidents from happening and improves the overall health and safety performance of an organisation. Choosing the right lighting solution is vital for a wide range of tasks to be completed successfully. The right lighting will complement your working conditions and have a positive impact on the performance and productivity of your workforce.



From precision work to forklift safety, high and consistent lighting levels are essential in factory and warehouse settings. High ceilings and narrow aisles make it particularly challenging for light to reach all areas. However, the consequences of a dark or dimly lit workplace can be serious. Therefore, it’s important to choose products that control the light distribution. A narrow beam angle, for example, will illuminate aisle spaces efficiently, while wide beam angles are best suited for open areas.

Keeping glare to a minimum is important in any workplace setting. In high risk environments, where staff operate machinery or look up at racks, a momentary loss of visibility, caused by glare, could lead to a serious accident. Importantly, the lens design in LED lights can provide both efficient and glare free operation.

In industrial environments, staff often work unsociable hours under artificial light which can affect their wellbeing and productivity.

Choosing the appropriate LED colour temperature can make a big difference to the look and feel of a space. Good factory lighting will improve the working environment as it will make your factory safer, look brighter, and mean your products can be better seen, leading to better quality. Don’t make your staff work in a dim and dull environment. Bright white daylight colours are ideal for use in warehouse or factory applications, where staff are working for long periods of time.



LED lighting can seem like a luxury at the time of installation, but with many LED lights using 75% less power than traditional bulbs, the payback time is pretty quick. While it might not seem worth the bother if you have a small house with few lights to worry about, when you run commercial premises, such as an office complex or a warehouse, the savings in energy use and costs can be enormous.

LED lights emit barely any heat when they are switched on. Not only is this a safety advantage, it’s also an advantage in saving costs. Facilities can save money on the air-conditioning costs associated with trying to cool an uncomfortably hot working environment.

Another important consideration when choosing industrial lighting is maintenance costs. High ceilings can make changing defective and defunct light bulbs an arduous and tricky task. As such, the less frequently bulbs require replacement, the better.

LED bulbs have a much longer life expectancy than comparable alternatives. A good quality LED bulb can last approximately ten years. Requiring less frequent replacement, LED lights offer greater longevity, incur less expense and ensure enhanced energy efficiency.

To operate around the clock, industrial spaces require constant artificial light which can incur considerable energy costs. LED lighting offers the ideal solution for industrial settings. Boasting energy efficiency and superior light quality, LED installations far outshine the alternatives. LED lighting is far more energy efficient than the traditional alternatives, offering far superior light output and distribution. Furthermore, the lights also turn on instantly, unlike the older lamp types that take minutes to warm up to full brightness. While switching to LED lighting will inevitably incur a large financial outlay, once you’ve made the leap, you’ll undoubtedly see an almost instant reduction in your energy bill.

Whenever a large indoor space needs to be illuminated, high bay lighting is usually the appropriate choice. From factories to distribution facilities, high bay lighting is adaptable and fulfils the demands of numerous applications. High bay lighting fixtures typically hang from the ceiling via hooks, chains or pendants or they may be fixed directly to the ceiling.

Industrial spaces require powerful lighting to provide the appropriate level of illumination. Many high bay light products incorporate profiled side reflectors to improve light distribution and directional illumination.

Maintenance is an especially important industrial lighting consideration. LED lighting technology generates light by using a diode. This means the fittings feature fewer moving parts that may be susceptible to breaking. Fewer breakages mean fewer repairs or replacements are required. By definition, high bay lights have high mounting heights, which means that changing a bulb will always require some specialised equipment.

While low bay lights are often recommended for use in spaces with lower ceiling heights, they too are often fitted in difficult to reach areas. An important consideration with any high or low bay light is whether it boasts a handy, ‘fit and forget’ feature. Highly robust products with slide out brackets offering quick and efficient installation are ideal for use in industrial settings. With no glass elements or mercury content, LEDs are ideal for environments where contamination should be avoided.

Non-corrosive lights are dust and waterproof and shock and corrosion resistant. As such, they are ideal for installation in a wide range of industrial environments. They can be used in warehouse entries, loading bays, garages and other working areas, providing a robust lighting choice.

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A significant advantage of installing LED lights is that your installation can be designed around your needs to get exactly the right amount of light where you need it. Sera Technologies can create a personalised industrial lighting layout to help you work out exactly which light fittings and LED bulbs you need and where. We offer a wide range of lighting solutions and can assist with installation.

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