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When you have a LOT of light bulbs to power, it makes sense to think about investing in quality technology with low running costs. LED lighting can seem like an expensive luxury at the time of installation, but with many LED lights using 75% less power than traditional incandescent, or halogen bulbs, the payback time is pretty quick. While it might not seem worth the bother if you have a small house with only a few lights to worry about, when you run a commercial premises, such as an office complex or a warehouse, the savings in energy use and costs can be enormous.

As well as significantly lower energy consumption, there are lots of advantages to using LED lights in a commercial lighting layout. They don’t need to warm up, so your light shines from the very second you flick the switch. They don’t burn out as quickly which means less time spent up on ladders changing bulbs. They also don’t emit heat in the same way as incandescent bulbs, meaning they are suitable for use in environments which need to be kept cool. If you have showroom staff who complain frequently about feeling too hot, then make the change to LED.

Converting to LED may be as simple as replacing your existing halogen bulbs with something like our LED MR11 3w bulb or LED AR11 8w bulb, but we’d also like to introduce you to the High Bay light fitting. We have two versions available – the LED High Bay and the IP65 LED Non-Corrossive Batten Light.

Both LED high bay light fittings are designed for use in a warehouse lighting layout, or a commercial lighting layout, and are suitable replacements for your existing metal halide (MH) or sodium (SON) high bay light fittings.

We offer a warehouse lighting layout planning service, completely free of charge. If you’re unsure of what LED lighting to fit in your warehouse, or commercial space, then get in touch.

One of the advantages of using LED lighting is that it can be designed around your needs to get exactly the right amount of light in every area of your premises, whether this is to light up individual products in your showroom, or make sure your storage rooms and warehouses have adequate light for safe working. Stephen can, using your information, create a personalised commercial lighting layout diagram which will help you work out exactly which light fittings and LED bulbs you need, and where.

From the length, width, and height of your commercial space, and an idea of how bright you need it to be, Stephen will work out the correct fittings, wattages, and even angles to use to get you the light that you need.

We are proud of Stephen and his commercial lighting layout expertise. It is a service that not all LED lighting retailers provide, and it is completely free of charge – please don’t struggle alone. We may be an online retailer but that doesn’t mean it is an excuse to make you do all the work. Please get in touch with us. We’re always happy to help.